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Therapy at this clinic helped me a lot. I improved much here in such a short time. I’m much better now then I was when I first walked in here. The therapist was very nice and helped a lot.
- Tom

I was treated very well and they did a very good job. I would like to thank them for everything.
- Steven

Both of my therapists did a very good job. They handled me with care and they were very concern with my pain.
- Kimberly

The treatment was very good for my knees I was able to walk for longer distance with little or no pain. And the staff was very nice and helpful. I will miss my therapy very much.
- Albert

I appreciate the service and kindness that I received. I appreciate coming to a place like this in a time of need and the services which were provided. I will tell anybody to come here. I will be stopping back to say hello from time to time and I will never forget all of the kind people I have met. Thank you.
- Allan

A very pleasant and satisfactory experience. My over all physical ability improved at least 300% from my first visit! I found the therapist extremely knowledgably and dedicated to solve my problems and improving my physical condition. My treatment at this facility was very professional and rewarding. I now walk without a limp and can perform the daily activities without difficulty.
- Jerome

The staff here is very professional; this treatment has really helped me they had a program for me to follow. I would recommend this facility to anybody.
- James

The past few weeks have been a great experience for myself .In my opinion I couldn’t have received better therapy anywhere else. I really appreciate the kindness each patient receives a real concern for their recovery. Even though I came here with hurt feelings angry for my accident I am leaving with better feelings for the people that provided this care for me. Thanks to all at Therapy Providers.
- Cecil

The professionalism that was shown was exceptional. The therapists showed professional interest in my progress. Due to my work schedule the clinic was flexible in regards to my starting time. The exercise that was taught will help me to maintain the sense of healing I received here. Thank you for a job well done.
- Janice

The therapy I had went fine and I have no complains.
- Anna

The therapy was for my neck, upper and lower back. The therapist was very understanding and patient with me which lead me to a speedy recovery.
- Rita

I was surprised. That really helped me overcome my back pain. Some days I could hardly walk when I first woke up. Now when I wake up I can walk good without back pain.
– Edmund

Since I began my therapy in October the service rendered by the Oak Lawn staff has been excellent. The therapist has taught me how to better take care of my lower body through proper exercise and demonstrations on how to carefully move around. I appreciate the friendly and courteous atmosphere and wish you all the very best.
– Danny

I liked the treatment I received. My back doesn’t hurt anymore. Everyone was nice to me. I think coming here was a very good choice. I feel much better.
– Sarah

My therapist was very patient and kind. There was adequate equipment that helped me with my knees. I can’t say enough how I appreciate having such a wonderful therapist. You are the best!.
- James
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